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RedViking Engineering Solutions


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Turnkey Production Lines


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Specialty Custom Machines


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Dynamic Test Systems


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Manufacturing Execution Systems 


About RedViking Engineering

RedViking designs, builds and implements turnkey manufacturing solutions and test solutions. If it operates inside a factory, we probably build it. From manufacturing process optimisation to factory information systems to production line automation and custom machines, we design and build systems to increase efficiency, provide greater flexibility, and improve product quality.  

Turnkey production line Design, Engineering, Automation & Installation

Whether you need a single custom machine or an entire automated production line, we design and build complete, turnkey systems to ensure that your production objectives are met.  You’ll have one Program Manager who will work closely with you to create precisely the solution you need. And we won’t sell you any automation that you don’t need.

Sustainable Manufacturing

We’re committed to sustainability in all aspects of manufacturing. We design machines with fewer parts, lower energy consumption, fewer chemicals and safer operator environments. Our Wingspan™ battery-free AGVs create an environmentally friendly agv assembly line that can be rerouted over the weekend.

Designed and Built in the USA, Implemented Globally

We are a U.S. based company but many of our customers are not. We support Fortune 100 multinational corporations worldwide.  Our systems are installed and supported in Europe, Asia, and throughout North, Central and South America. We provide full on-site implementation and training, as well as on-site and remote support.

Want to learn more? Call us at +1 734 454 0500  or email engineering@redviking.com

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